OMAN - December 2002

Bongo got to help Mr. David do some work that helps the Sultan take good care of his country.

Bongo has everything he needs.  He has an "In" Box and an "Out" Box.  Bongo takes Inbox stuff and puts it in the Outbox, but the man always brings it back to the Inbox. 

He has a hole puncher in case some holes misbehave and need to be punched.  He has water because it is very important to drink lots of water in hot climates to keep his beans hydrated.

Bongo also has a GSM tri-band phone, but the music the bands play is always the same.  When they play, Mr. David makes them stop and then talks to someone and then gives the phone back.

Bongo likes the mouse and the touchpad on the computer because they have big buttons.  Bongo canít work the keyboard because his hands donít have fingers and the buttons are small and have confusing symbols on them.  Bongo is more of a point-and-click kind of a monkey.