The Wicked Witch of the West

Here are some examples of how to be the Wicked Witch.

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Here is an important lesson on how to manage the relationships in the team.  You pick out one person on a team, gain their trust, use them and then cut them loose. If you ever wondered why all of your hard work seemed to go unrewarded, this could be the reason. The Wicked Witch tells her manager about how much help she is to her staff.  She does not know that "Help" is defined by the person that receives it, not the person that gives it.
The Wicked Witch went to a course to learn how to be less of a Wicked Witch.  This was the result. The Wicked Witch works closely with HR to ensure that the right people get the blame when things go wrong. The Wicked Witch learned some specific steps to use from the course for special managers that she attended.  She does this one VERY well.
You can usually figure out when you may no longer be "loved and respected" by the Wicked Witch. The Wicked Witch has found that having a close working relationship with the nice folks in HR can be very she uses some of the same methods. This is one of the reasons that Wicked Witch is Wicked.  Anyone capable, or successful is a threat to her sense of self worth.