Bongo's Old Friends

These are friends that Bongo doesn't get to see anymore.

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This is Bongo's friend Mr. Roger and Mr. Roger's friend Missy.  Bongo is very proud of Missy, because she helped to keep his feet warm when he was not feeling good.  Bongo is sorry the Mr. Roger is gone.  He was a nice man and he liked to smile and be happy.  If you want to learn more about Mr. Roger, click HERE. This is Bongo's friend Mr. Z.  His real name is Zelimir Schmidt, but all of his friends and students call him "Z".  Mr. Z worked at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma for a long time.  He enjoyed windsurfing, laughing, and helping people to learn new things.  Z moved on to the great research facility in the sky in August 1998. This is Bongo's friend Mr. Larry.    He always had a nice smile that made him and all of his friends feel good.  All of his friends and family miss him very much and hope that he is still happy.

If you want to learn more about Mr. Larry, click HERE.

Bongo's friend Mr. Keith begame very ill very fast.  Ms. Elsie, Mr. Neil and the rest of the Artificial Lift Team wish he did not have to leave so soon.  They hope he is still happy were he is now. Bongo's friend Mr. Jack was one of the giants of the gas lift business.  He was also a really nice guy.  (Mr. Jim is working on getting a better picture of Mr. Jack)  You can learn more about Mr. Jack HERE. Bongo's friend Mr. Adin was also Mr. Jim's Dad.  Everyone that knew him said that he was a good guy.  Bongo and Mr. Jim will miss him very much.  You can learn more about Mr. Adin HERE.
Bongo's friend Mr. Jack departed suddenly and left behind lots of friends and family who were sad for him to leave.  Mr. Jack used to look after Bongo at his office at Gasmer, where Mr. Jack liked to play.  You can learn more about Mr. Jack HERE.  The Obituary from the newspaper is HERE.  Some of Jack's friends signed a Guest Book.  A Video that Ms. Rachael made is HERE or HERE Bongo never had the chance to meet Mr. Kermit, but Mr. Jim knew him fairly well.  Mr. Jim attended some classes taught by Mr. Kermit and has autographed copies of his books.  Mr. Jim says that Mr. Kermit was a "giant" of the gas lift business.  You can read more about him HERE.