Bongo's Special Friends - 2012

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Bongo stopped by Mr. Fred's office to wish him "all the best" for his retirement.  Mr. Fred said he was going to play a lot and not work so much.  Bongo liked that idea. Bongo also stopped by to chat with Mr. Jeff.  He said he was not going to retire, but he was going to spend more time at the pool and less time in an office.  Bongo was going to wish him "all the best"  but realised that Mr. Fred already had he just wished Mr. Jeff "Cheers" Bongo toured a historical site with Ms. Carol.  Bongo wondered what was funny until Ms. Carol explained that it was not a "hysterical" site.  Ms. Carol laughed at that...Bongo reminded her that it wasn't funny.
Bongo met Ms. Michelle at the Vilamendhoo Island Resort in The Maldives.  She helped Mr. Jim learn all the stuff he needed to become a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.  She had lots of help from the other nice people at Euro-Divers..Sonja, Leila, Iffy, and Patrick. Bongo met Ms. Jean at the Shenendoah National Park in Virginia.  Bongo really enjoyed meeting her because Mr. Jim refers to her as his "Great" Aunt.  Bongo was also very happy to meet Ms. Dana.  Bongo thought she was pretty spiffy because she went hiking with him in the forest.  Ms. Dana was in charge of keeping Ms. Jean from partying all night long.  It was a tough job, but she did it really well.
Bongo met Ms. Jen and Mr. Sam while they were on a hike to Hickory Nut Falls in Chimney Rock State Park, North Carolina.  They were lots of fun to talk to and seemed like they were getting ready to tackle a new future that they were making for themselves. Bongo had a great time meeting Ms. Zate at the Legends cafe in the Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure, North Carolina.  Bongo wondered about the name, since he didn't hear any rumbling and didn't see any bald people.  Ms. Zate said that it was named after someone who was never there, and so that made sense to Bongo.