Bongo's Special Friends - 2011

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Bongo met Mr. Hussein on a trip to the Inland Sea in Qatar.  Mr. Hussein was have loads of fun on his 4-wheeler.  Bongo could see that he was having a GREAT time! Bongo met Donkey at the office.  Donkey was just coming to the office for the first time and Bongo was "on the bench".  Being on the bench has a special meaning for consultants and Bongo hoped Donkey had a project to work on. Bongo met Mr. Sid a long time ago, but since Mr, Sid is also a consultant, they are rarely in the same place at the same time.  They were both at a Workshop in Singapore, so they had a chance to chat about all sorts of stuff.
Bongo and Mr. Balbod spent a lot of time together at the office.  Mr. Balbod did a great job of keeping things clean.  They would get to chat every afternoon when Mr. Balbod was emptying the bin in Mr. Jim's office.  Mr. Balbod has gone back to Nepal, so Bongo will miss their conversations. Bongo met Mr. Gudmundur and Ms. Julia when he travelled to Norway to visit them.  They are nice people that play a lot more than they work.  But Bongo thought a lot of their play was a lot of work.  They have a bunch of Grand Children and also a lot of Grandchildren.  Bongo says there is a difference. Bongo met Ms. Tone when he visited a very nice cabin by the sea at Holmsbu in Norway. Ms. Tone is also a photographer and sounds like she is from Chicago when she speaks English.  Her coffee and waffles are yummy.
Bongo met Ms. Beatriz when she and Mr. Jacques invited him to visit them at their new apartment in "The Pearl".  Ms. Beatriz was happy to see Bongo, and he had a fun time visiting. Bongo met Mr. Juan at a Thanksgiving dinner another friend was having for some men and women serving in the US military, and unable to be with their families.  They had a fun time together and talked about important things. Bongo met Mr. Chic when he came to Qatar to help some people to look very clever at the World Petroleum Congress.  Bongo wanted to know why Mr. Chic didn't get to look important instead of the other people.  Mr. Chic said that he could not do all of it, that his part was hard enough and doing any more would get in the way of his golf game.
Bongo met Santa while he was in the US travelling with Ms. Pam and Mr. Jim.  Santa was about as fuzzy as Bongo, so they had a lot to talk about. Bongo enjoyed a Christmas time visit with Ms. Betty.  She was wearing one of her Christmas outfits and had her apartment all decorated just the way she always does.  Bongo always has a good time visiting Ms. Betty because they always talk about such interesting things.