Bongo's Special Friends - 2009

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Bongo met Mr. Mohamed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha, Qatar.  He chatted with Bongo while Mr. Jim printed out his boarding passes.  Mr. Mohamed was very friendly and helpful.  Bongo wants to visit him again. Mr. Joep gave Bongo a ride in his bus.  He is a really great driver, because he likes good music and makes the bus go fast enough to get you where you want to go, without getting anyone upset.  He also makes you wear your seatbelts.  His tie clip is a spoon ! Ms. Sabrina was serving beer at the Hotel Bruegge in Ibbenburen, Germany.  Bongo thought he was hungry, but you don't eat drink them.
Bongo met Ms. Stephanie at a course in the Learning Center.  She travelled a long way from Australia to learn about rocks and Integrated Production System Models and stuff.. Bongo's friend Ms. Puri does magical things with money and numbers using her computer.  If anyone wants an answer that has numbers in it, Ms. Puri has it at her fingertips.  If some money or numbers are lost, Ms. Puri can find them and make them go back where they belong.  Bongo's friend Mr. Craig is in his favorite awake the recliner, with his laptop.  Bongo thinks sitting on his knee is the best part.
Bongo met Ms. Kassie at the Fat Tire Bike Tours store.  She was theleader of a tour that Mr. Jim and Ms. Pam took on a Segway, which is a really cool way to get around.  Dude! Bongo met Ms. Kelly and Mr. Steve on the same tour that Ms. Kassie led.  They were really nice people and weren't even upset when Bongo delayed the start of the tour...just a little bit. Bongo met Mr. Zygmunt at the restaurant in Berlin where he is a waiter.  He isn't telling Mr. Jim to leave...there is a statue next to him of a man with his thumb up the same way.  Mr. Zygmunt was a nice guy, but talked in words that Bongo could not understand.  He hopes Mr. Jim spelled his name right.
Bongo met Ms. Francesca and Mr. Tim on a quiet street in Paris.  He was introduced to them by Mr. Jim, who used to sit in the seat next to Ms. Francesca in home room at Sleepy Hollow High School...MANY years ago.  Bongo was happy to meet them, and was happy that Mr. Jim recognised Ms. Francesca as they walked past...but thought Mr. Jim did not do a good job of taking a picture, so he asked him to take another one. Bongo thought the second picture was a little better, but told Mr. Jim there were opportunities for improvement. Bongo met Mr. Pieter when it was time to be sure that Bongo was healthy enough to relocate to Doha, Qatar.  He and Mr. Pieter had a nice chat about how to stay healthy while living in new and interesting place.
Bongo met Ms. Marianne at the same time he met Mr. Pieter.  She has a very big job keeping track of all sorts of people in a big worksite.  She also helps to keep travellers happy and healthy.  She seems to be pretty happy and healthy herself, so its not too tough of a job. Bongo met Mr. Maher when he was shopping for furniture.  Mr. Maher helped Bongo find the EXACT pieces that he needed.  He recommends the Al-Rowak American Furniture store to everyone in Doha, Qatar that needs to know a nice man...and needs furniture too.  Mr. Maher says to call him at +974 581 6059, so that he can help.