Bongo's Special Friends - 2006

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Bongo met this nice lady who was playing cards with her friends.  Bongo wanted to play but had a hard time holding the cards, so he decided to watch Ms. Blessing met Bongo while she was watching after Mr. Jim and Mr. David.  She is REALLY good at arranging things and making them  happen.  Mr. Jim and Mr. David think that she is the BEST. This is the nice man that would greet Bongo whenever he came into the restaurant at the Gongola Guest House.  He made sure that Mr. Jim and Mr. David had what they needed in the restaurant.
Bongo met "Chef" at the Gongola Guest House Restaurant.  He is a great guy and did a wonderful job of keeping Mr. Jim and Mr. David "fueled-up".  He even made lasagna for them! Bongo enjoyed talking with Mr. Keith.  He has traveled to more places than Bongo! Bongo enjoyed learning about the "Roadmap" that Mr. Keith was helping to build for the people in the office.  Bongo thought there must be a lot of restaurants on that map.
Bongo met Beasley on one of his airplane flights.  Beasley works as an assistant in the TeamQuest company.  Bongo thinks TeamQuest is a good company because the employees own it, instead of someone else. Bongo met Mr. Christofori on his cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.  He was traveling with his sister and his parents.  They had come all the way to Europe from San Francisco.  This is the nice man that takes pictures for the MSC cruise line.  He gets to go on all the shore excursions and take pictures of people seeing new things,  being happy and spending money.  He also gets to take pictures of monkeys...Bongo thinks that is the best.
Bongo met Ms. Jaclyn  and Mr. Damian on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.  They sat at the same table as Ms. Pam, Mr. Jim and Mr. Craig.  They had a lot of fun talking and drinking wine and eating. When the Artificial Lift Team had a team lunch at The LemonGrass restaurant, Bongo and ____ made sure that all the team members were properly served.  The ALT is not known for being bashful, so since there were no complaints everyone must have been happy. (Mr. Jim apologises for not remembering his name.he will find it an fix this.) Bongo met Ms. Dalida  while she was helping him to find his way around the town of Provance in France.  She was a lot of fun and could speak languages that Bongo could not understand.
Bongo met Ms. Lucy when she came over to the house to play with Ms. Pam.  They got to make cookies and go shopping.  Ms. Lucy said there were too many cookies, but Mr. Jim helped fix that problem. Bongo and Mr. Andrew work together on the same floor of the same building.  He does a lot of communicating and stuff.  Bongo does a lot of listening.  Mr. Andrew is moving to a new job and has put Bongo temporarily in charge of Ms. Rufina and Ms. Aimara.  He will be VERY busy. Bongo met Ms. Berrin and Ms. Marleen while he was on Holiday in Turkey.  The Byzantine ruins of  Herakleia were really cool.  Bongo had a hard time telling the difference between "Inside" and "Outside"
Bongo's friend Mr. Abdulrahman is explaining some of the more interesting details of the Web-based data display application using the latest HTML (and other fancy stuff) functionality.  He works very hard and thinks Mr. Jim is odd. Mr. Anwar works in the same office as Mr. Abdulrahman.  He has a shorter name and has to sit closer to Mr. Kevin.  Bongo thinks that makes his job harder, even though his name is shorter.