Bongo's Special Friends - 2005

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    These ladies have a very hard job!  They try to help tired and grumpy travellers in the Singapore Airport to be less tired and less grumpy.  They did a good job with Mr. Jim and Bongo.
Pg. Hj. Abdul-Kadir Pg. Hj. Kamaludin has a very long name!  Bongo thinks he is a nice man because he works hard but is very happy. One of Santa's helpers was giving away candy in the Singapore Airport.  Bongo picked out some candy for Mr. Jim This is the nice lady that helped Mr. Jim spend his money on Christmas presents.  He spent so much money that she is almost as happy as Mr. Jim!
Ms. Anouk  was happy to meet Bongo while he was visiting Abu Dhabi.  Bongo thinks she  and her Mom are very nice, but that her Dad is a little odd. Ms. Michelle was impressed with Bongo's beret.  She said it made him look really multi-national.  Bongo liked the sound of that.

On the way home from Paris Bongo got to meet Mr. Neil's Mom and Dad, Mr. Keith and Ms. Elsie. Bongo though Mr. Keith looked more like Mr. Neil than Mr. Neil did.

Bongo met Ms. Yvonne and Ms. Evette outside the famous nightclub called the Moulin Rouge. They showed Bongo how to pose like the girls inside. This is where the French 'Can-Can' was invented. Bongo thought it was much better than the Dutch 'kan niet' he was used to in Holland. Mr. Monty and Ms. Heidi met Bongo and Mr. Neil on the top of the Arc de Triumph. They were nice people from New York and liked Bongo's beret. They sounded different from  Mr. Jim because they are from New York instead of from Texas. This is Ms. Sue.  She is a school teacher and when Mr. Neil told her he was going to France, she made a beret and neckerchief for Bongo!  It was a perfect fit.  Ms. Sue is from the north of England where they call her "Our Pet".  Bongo was confused and wondered what her name would be if they had a real a monkey.
Bongo met Mr. Roy and Ms. Tamara at the Mineralenbeurs in Den Haag.   They had sparkly rocks for sale and Mr. Roy had "special prices" for Mr. Neil.  Ms. Tamara had warm hands, which Bongo thinks is better than "special prices" Mr. Gerard is a very talented person.  He does things that make nice posters and books and hats and shirts.  He also keep candy in a bowl on his desk, so the Artificial Lift Team visits him a lot. Bongo joined Mr.  Yvon for his lunchtime run at the fitness center.  The treadmill was really bouncy and so Mr. Yvon held Bongo's tail so that he would not bounce off.
Ms. Lea works on the Smart Fields team.  Bongo wasn't sure how to make a field smart, but he was willing to listen.  Ms. Lea is moving to Saudi Arabia soon. Ms. Amanda invited Bongo (and a bunch of other people) to help her clean the beach in Kijkduin on International Coastal Cleanup day.  She let Bongo sit on her shoe so that he would not get sand in his fur, Bongo had lots of help and met some new friends at the beach cleanup.  Look at the spiffy gloves!  They didn't have any in Bongo's size.
This is Bongo's new friend's sister.  She liked Bongo, but thought Mr. Jim look scary. Ms. Nancy and Ms. Charity work at Crabtown too.  They were really nice to Bongo and Mr. Neil during his visit there. Ms. Corey has so much energy that it gets out and goes everywhere!  She actually has 5 fingers on her hand, she is just hiding them.  Her shirt asks, "Got Crabs?" on the back.  Bongo says, "No"
Ms. Eran works a Crabtown in Oklahoma City.  She like the way Mr. Neil talks.  He sounds like he is from England, but he is really from Wales. Ms. Denise knows a lot about politics and voting and when you can drink beer on the days that people vote.  Mr. Neil was impressed. Ms. Melissa works at the President's Club in the Houston Airport, too.   She was really interested in Mr. Neil's explanation about Bongo.
Ms. Michelle works at the President's Club in the Houston Airport.  Mr. Neil says she makes the best Bloody Mary in the whole world.  He will make you drink one just to prove it.  He offered to tip her a  "ruble" instead of a dollar.  She said she had a ruble once and had a hard time getting rid of it and didn't want another one.   Ms. Luz also works at the President's Club in Houston.  Her Bloody Marys are pretty good too, but Mr. Jim said she makes the best Coca Colas, "Its all in the wrist".  She did not get to visit with Bongo as long as Ms. Michelle did because Mr. Neil and Mr. Jim had to leave. Mr. Dirk Jan is a "Really Cool Dude" on his new ride.  Mr. Neil left some of the fun in his motorcycle so Mr. Dirk Jan can still enjoy it.  Bongo is sorry that he could not be there for the photo, but he was busy.
Mr. Dirk Jan was wearing a suit and a tie one day.  Bongo was VERY impressed.  It made him look even more like a really nice person.  He was getting a certificate that night that tells people he knows a lot.  Bongo already knew that.  DJ let Bongo click the mouse buttons. These are the nice ladies that helped Bongo register for his hotel room at The Sofitel in Rio de Janeiro.  They got Mr. Jim to sign his autograph.  The paper said "American Express" at the top.  Mr. Jim complained and Bongo told him to lighten up and enjoy Brazil. While visiting Brunei, Bongo met some men that were in control of a room.  It seemed like a very nice room and so probably was not too hard to control.  They had lots of computers to work with.  They had lots of nice colors.
Annie is a very energetic and happy lady that works at a "Learning Center" in a town called Noordwijkerhout.  Congo was Bongo's traveling companion when we went around the world with the Lee Family.  They watched out for each other. A REAL TROLL gave Bongo and Congo a ride on his motorcycle.  The troll was really furry.  Mr. David says he is a "nice" troll.
Kristian is one of the Lees and he lives in Melbourne.  He is a cool Aussie dude. Bongo learned to say "Ozzie" and Congo learned to say "Dood".  Its important to say them in the right order. Ms. Heidi and Ms. Briana (they are Lees too, but Ms. Heidi is mostly a George) hung out with Bongo and Congo at the spa in Hong Kong.   Captain Ian drives a boat and let Bongo and Congo watch out for other boats and stuff.  You can learn more about how much fun Captain Ian has with his boat by clicking HERE.
This nice lady helped Bongo to find his luggage and the bus that took him from the Rome airport to the port to board his ship. Bongo got to meet the nice lady at The Panaga Club that helped Mr. David fix up the swimming pool. Bongo met Bananas on one of his trips to Brunei.  Bananas stays with Ms. Mariana's daughter.  Bongo says it is better to MEET Bananas than to GO bananas
Ms. Mariana brought Bananas to the office so that Bananas could meet Bongo.  Ms. Mariana uses the same WinGLUE software that Mr. Jim uses. Bongo says there is a lot of value to realised in rationalisation of IT portfolios in a global business. This nice lady and her Dad were visiting Santorini along with Bongo.  Bongo was tired and couldn't hold his head up very well.   This is the man that took pictures of people while they were on tours.  Bongo thought it was fun to take a picture with a man that took pictures.
Bongo is keeping and eye on Ms. Pam, Mr. Mike and Ms. Sue while Mr. Jim was taking this picture.  They were playing a card game that made Mr. Mike and Mr. Jim say bad things.  They whined a lot about losing.  Bongo thought they were very good at losing and didn't understand why there were complaining so much. Bongo felt very safe while on the ship because the ship had an officer who was in charge of Safety.  Bongo likes Safety a lot and was very happy to share Safety stories with him. Bongo was able to stay properly hydrated with help from Ms. Yadira.  She would bring things to drink to everyone and then ask for their autograph.
This nice man drove a boat that took everyone on a tour.  He was very nice and let Bongo serve as a lookout so he could steer his boat the right direction. Ms. Rose was one of the cruise directors.  She spoke REAL English, not just American English like Mr. Jim.  Bongo wondered where her other 11 signs were. On a recent trip to Brunei, Bongo got to meet Branson and Kylie.  Branson is a really neat guy and Kylie has a nice shoulder for sitting on.  Bongo hopes to see them again soon.