Bongo's Special Friends - 2004

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Ms. Kristin was the "Ranger" for Mr. Jim and Mr. Mike's crew when they went trekking at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  She did a good job, because everyone had a good time and didn't get eaten by bears. At the "Head of Dean" Camp, this is the nice man that greets people and gives them a "Porch Talk".  Bongo had never heard anyone talk about a porch before, but it was lots of fun.  Porches can be VERY interesting. Catherine taught everyone to pan for gold at the French Henry mine site.  They didn't find any gold, but they did find a lot of pans.  She knows a lot about mining stuff.
Mr. Colin is a very conservative person.  At least he seems to be.  He told Bongo about a lot of conservation sorts of things.  He told a good story about a bear named Smoky that a lot of people misunderstood.  Mr. Colin got everyone to help fix some problems that had been caused by a fire.  That wasn't how he hurt his knee though. Mr. David lives at the Dan Beard Camp.  There wan't anyone there named Dan and no one had a beard.  Bongo was very confused.  But Mr. David helped everyone work together as a team on the C.O.P.E. course.  The wall was VERY tall, but Bongo got over it easiy.  It was like flying! This is the nice lady on a ship in Jamestown, Virginia.  The ship is called the Susan Constant, but the lady's name is not Susan.  She knew a LOT of things about the ship and about a bunch of people that rode on the ship to Virginia from England.  The lady did not know any of the people, but she knew a lot about them.  She is really helpful and fun and an all-around nice person.
Mr. Randy met Bongo at a party at Mr. and Ms. Le's house.  Mr. Randy lives and works in Russia.  He used to work in the same place as Mr. Le and Mr. Jim.  Small world? This is the nice lady that registered Bongo so that he could stay in the same room as Mr. Jim at The Riviera Hotel in Kuala Belait in Brunei.  She has a nice smile. Bongo felt very secure with the Security guy that works at The Riviera.  He is a nice man and makes everyone happy that they are in a very safe hotel.  He also has a cool watch.
Bongo met this nice man in Oman.  He is really good at keeping the car Mr. Jim drives looking really clean and tidy.  Bongo liked his hat a lot.  It looked very shady. Bongo's friend Rahim came to visit him at Mr. Jim's office in Rijswijk.  He was wearing a hat that kept his head warm since it was a lot colder in Holland than it had been in Brunei.  Bongo doesn't need a hat because his head is already furry. Bongo has found a nice place to sit and talk with Mr. Neil.  He's sitting on Mr. Alex's head!  Alex is in charge of training Mr. and Ms. Le.  Its a full time job.