Bongo's Special Friends - 2003

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Bongo met this fellow just outside of the Tower of London.  He was not very happy at the time and was explaining to his parents that his lot in life could certaily stad some improvement.  Bongo shared some quality time with him and he felt better. Ms. Lauren is a really nice lady that somehow is related to Mr. Jim.  Maybe they went to separate High Schools together or something like that.  Ms. Lauren was showing Bongo the cathedral in Coventry.  Bongo thought it needed a little cleaning up. This man is a Beefeater at the Tower of London (in London), which was very confusing to Bongo.  The Beefeater asked Mr. Craig to hold Bongo (maybe he had beef stuff on his hands or something?).
These are the nice people the Bongo met when he was in Fort Lauderdale.  They had a towering place at the beach.  Bongo had a good time there and plans to visit again.  Mr. Marriot invited him back in a nice note he left for Bongo. This nice man works in the Fahud field in Oman.  He does something with instruments, but is not a musician.  That was very confusing to Bongo, but he liked talking to him about multivariable transmitters that use the HART protocol. This is the nice lady in Oman that brings coffee and tea and stuff to the people that work in the office.  She was trying to teach Mr. Jim how to ask for coffee with milk and sugar in Arabic.  It took a long time, but Mr. Jim finally learned.
Mr. Huwaishel also works in the Fahud field in Oman.  He was nice enough to let Bongo help him with his daily paperwork.  Mr. Huwaishel's papers have lots of numbers and charts and things on them.  Bongo thinks they are lots of fun. These are the nice ladies from The Chedi hotel in Muscat, Oman.  They did a very good job of ensuring that Bongo (and Mr. Jim) was comfortable and enjoyed his stay at the hotel.  They even set a place at the restaurant table for him when he ate there with Mr. Jim. Bongo met this nice lady when he was on his way to Scotland.  She talked a lot more than than the people sitting on the floor behind them.  They looked comfortable, but did not talk much.  Mr. Jim said they were a different kind of people.  He said they were "Bronze".  Bongo didn't know where that was.
Bongo is inspecting the work that the nice lady did shining Mr. David's shoes in the Houston Airport.  Bongo thought she did a very good job and told Mr. David that he should give her a little extra money for her good work. Bongo met Mr. Christian in the airport in Maracaibo, Venezuela.  Mr. Christian was there with his Mom saying goodbye to his Grandmother who was going on an airplane ride.   When Bongo was visiting Switzerland, he met a nice girl that was VERY sleepy.  They had a short coversation, but it was hot that day and Bongo was tired.
Bongo really enjoyed meeting Mr. Jim's Mom and Dad.  They are really nice people and gave him hints on how to deal with Mr. Jim.  They seemed to know a lot about him and asked Bongo to keep an eye on him for them. Bongo met his friend Ronald at the airport in Amsterdam.  Ronald owns a store that sells Scottish food.  Mr. Jim had a "Big Mac" to eat at the store.  Ronald does not talk much, but has a lot of helpers that do. This is the nice lady in Brunei that would bring coffee and tea to Mr. Jim and the other people in the office.  She has a very hard job and does lots of mixing and pouring and carrying and stuff.  Her hands were nice and warm.
Ms. Lisa is very good at checking names and making name tags and saying names and all sorts of other name stuff in Kuala Lumpur.  She gave Bongo a name tag. Ms. Shauna has been at a lot of the same technical conferences as Bongo.  She uses big words that sound really good, but Bongo has to look some of them up before he can understand them.